The AIR @ KhaoYai

"Experience Moroccan Heartbeat in Khaoyai"

The Air

The Air @ Khaoyai is the modern and luxury accommodation with simple style and unique location that gives you the breathtaking panoramic view of mountains of Khao Yai National Park.

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A luxury Moroccan styled house consisting 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with 1 bathtub. There is a spacious rooftop where you can enjoy private party and fully- equipped kitchen **with modern kitchenware available for you to use without extra charge. A vast area around the house provides you with an opportunity to appreciate unforgettable 360-degree panoramic view of Khao Yai National Park.

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2-storey residential building with roof top consists of a large 4-room hotel-like building decorated in Moroccan style. Every room has a private bathroom with bathtub and a swimming pool on the rooftop where you can enjoy degree panoramic view of Khao Yai National Park. There is another 5x10 meters swimming pool in front of the house. A magnificent building consists of complete facilities with the rooftop that you can enjoy party. Large sofa beds are provided in all rooms for you to lay down and appreciate the best scenery in your privacy.

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Khao Yai residential house for 4-6 people surrounded by nature and clear mountain views. It is suitable for small families wishing to rest peacefully and closely to nature to enjoy the pureness of air and the true sense of relaxation at Khao Yai.

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Welcome to

The AIR Khaoyai

The Air @ Khaoyai - Khao Yai Hotel and Resort has the characteristics reclect the orginal definition of the term “resort”. It is the place full with freshness and cool weather throughout the year with the average temperature at 23 degree Celsius that makes it the best place to relax your mind and body. Anyone can start the journey and enjoy this happiness at “The AIR @ Khaoyai ”.
“Experience Moroccan Heartbeat in Khao Yai “

Closer to nature

The AIR Khaoyai Hotel is located near Khao Yai National Park, so you can see Khaoyai scenery without any obstruction. You can feel the true nature and breeze that blows through the mountains as well as 360 degree panoramic view of the big mountains.

Enjoy the real sense of relaxation

The AIR Khaoyai Hotel is only 1.5-2 hours away from Bangkok, so you can travel along Mittraphap Road and Bang Pa-in – Khorat Motorways. It reduces travel time and fatigue. Upon arrival at the resort, you can enjoy you ralaxing time to the fullest. Moreover, many activities are provided for you, so you don’t need to go outside to find something fun. We offer 20000 songs of karaoke, goat, sheep and chicken feeding, biking, swimming pools, photo settings, and food delivery are also available at your order.

Spending more time with your beloved

The AIR Khaoyai Hotel is a large pool villa resort which has been designed to accommodate 8-24 persons. Various activities are arranged for you to have fun amongst Khao Yai National Park view without traveling outside the resort. With this, you can stay closer to your beloved ones including lovers, family members, friends, and relax yourself physically and mentally to the fullest extent.